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Happy Birthday, Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones turns 30 later this month.  Aside from making a lot of money, this series of movies has done more for Archeology than anything since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter nearly a century ago.  Like the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Indiana Jones has also led to a renewed interest in archeology, and in pursuing archeology as a career.  Not all of us are lucky enough to be archeologists, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all be explorers.  It’s easy, really.  Grab one of our apps and go explore that park.  If we haven’t (yet) made an app for a park near you, that’s ok.  Just grab a map from their web site, or at the park, and go exploring.  Keep your eyes out for ruins.  You may not find a Temple of Doom, but finding and exploring the remains of an old farmhouse can be fun and exciting, too.  If you can find old roads (nature never makes long, flat lines cutting through hillsides), follow them to see where they go.  You’re sure to find treasure, whether that treasure is a stone foundation, pending a half-hour watching a beaver gnaw through a tree, or a field filled with gold (ok, goldenrod), you’ll come back home richer from the experience.

And don’t forget to send Indy a birthday card.

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