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EGMaps API Now Available!

Ever wanted to share your GPS data with friends?  Strangers?  Everyone on the planet?

Wish you had an easy way to get your trail maps to everyone in your hiking club, or maybe everyone who comes to your favorite park?

Need a way to get customers to all your locations using their Android smartphone?

Does your sculpture garden need unobtrusive audio or video guide for visitors?

The EGMaps API is for you!  This free tool is now available to everyone, and it does all that, and more.  Using your GPS data, or even data you generate directly on a program like GoogleEarth, you can produce and distribute your own professional Android app.

Don’t worry!  You don’t need to know anything about programming.  I promise.  Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions and your app will practically build itself.  All the hard work is done by the EGMaps app itself, and we’ve already taken care of that part for you.

Want to learn more?

Ready to download the API and sample data (for our Niagara River Fish Trail app)?

Can’t wait to see how it looks?  Go to Google Play and get our Niagara River Fish Trail app.


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Volunteer Testers Needed

If you’ve been watching our EGMaps page, anxiously waiting for your chance to build your own, free, GPS-enabled Android app using our EGMaps system, now’s your chance.  We’re looking for a small number of testers to receive an early edition of our API to test our our API and instructions.  You don’t need to be a programmer (that’s the whole point of the EGMaps API!), but you do need to be fairly computer-friendly, and probably good with a spreadsheet.  You’ll also need a web site where you have access to upload your own files (just about any web site you can edit will work).

If you’d like to be a tester, please email darrin (at) ExplorationGuides.com.  I have a set of sample data, but if you have a set of your own data, as well, that’d be an even better test.  In your email, let use know what kind of computer your have and what operating system.  If you also have some data of your own that you’d like to work with, also let us know a bit about that.

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Niagara River Fish Trail App

OK, not really.  Very few fish, it turns out, actually use android phones.  It’s just a fun data set to distribute along with the free EGMaps creator, which is coming soon.

I just beat the last technical hurdle in the programming, so after some user documentation, and some testing by willing volunteers (contact me if you’re interested) it’ll be possible for anyone, anywhere, to download this tool, format their own data, and create their own map-based app using the EGMaps engine, along with all the features of all our map-based apps.

Oh, and should you happen to know of any fish looking for a really good Android app to get them from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, avoiding all the hazards along the way, tell them about the new app, too, ok?

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EGMaps update

EGMaps, the mapping engine for all our free map-based apps, has now been updated to version 1.1.  This fixes the annoying suggested trail bug that some people were running into when switching between different maps.

Stop by https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explorationguides.EGMaps to pick it up today, or to update your current version to 1.1

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New Parks, New Apps…

Just hiked 12.1 miles to finished off surveying all the trails at Brighton State Recreation Area.  Ran into a LOT of horses in the eastern part of the equestrian area.  Odd, since I didn’t run into a single one in two days in the western part.  Should be publishing this app, probably, sometime late next month.

In other exciting news, the Highland State Recreation Area app is getting closer to being ready.  All the data is processed and we’re just putting together the suggested trail routes and the web pages that sit behind the app, then we can publish.  Probably in a week or two.

In even more exciting news, we’ve started our second major family of apps.  Ever wondered what kind of tree you’re looking at?  What kind of rock you just stubbed your toe on?  If that fire-breathing dragon chasing you down the trail is really dangerous or just wants to play?  Our new apps will answer all those questions and more (well, except maybe the one about the fire-breathing dragon).

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Destination: Lighthouse – North America – now available!

Destination: Lighthouse – North America has just been released.  With 2,330 lighthouses, sound sources, and RACONs, it’s just in time for your fall color tours!  Our first Destination app, Destination: Lighthouse – North America is available for $1.99US from Android Market.

And don’t forget to check out our always-free local park apps for your Android.

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