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Dauner/Martin Sanctuary App now available

A private nature preserve on the north side of Fenton, Michigan,the Dauner/Martin Sanctuary packs a lot of great trails into a relatively small space.  It’s just one of a huge number of nature preserves scattered around the state managed by the Michigan Nature Association.  Download your free Android app today!

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Dauner/Martin Sanctuary app – coming soon

Nearly done with the Dauner/Martin Sanctuary app.  It’s a small park on the north side of Fenton, MI, with a beautifully designed network of trails.  There’s only about 6.5km of actual trails, but the way they’re designed, exploring the park, it feels like more.

There’s trail maps available at the parking area, and the trails are marked with colored markers.  Unfortunately, the maps are black and white, and the color-coded maps at the parking area are faded.  I think I need a quick trip back there, just to get the right trail names/colors on my app, so they match the actual trail markers.  It should be available this weekend.

April 16, 2011 Posted by | apps | Leave a Comment