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We hit 700 total downloads over the weekend.

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4 Parks of Trails

Sure it’s raining out, but the computer’s working hard.  Cleaned up the trails for Lower Huron, Willow, and Oakwoods Metroparks, and Seven Lakes State Park.  Still more to do, but those apps should be out in time for Memorial Day weekend.

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After filling and emptying my GPS, did some more explorations and surveying at Stony Creek Metropark yesterday. Rained on the way there. Rained on the way back. No rain, really, while there.

Heading to Bald Mountain State Park today. Expected to be quite a bit wetter today.

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Indian Springs Metropark app is now available!

Thinking of visiting Indian Springs Metropark?  Be sure to download the app, direct, from Android Market, make the most of your exploration.  We just finished it, and it’s available free.

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16 miles of hiking in 2 parks.  1 snake stepped on.  One tick collected.  The snake was unhappy, even though I mostly levitated over him.  He sent out a state-wide snake alert, so other snakes were being more threatening the rest of the day.  As for the tick, I’m assuming he was happy with the encounter, at least until I noticed him in the shower last night.  Finished surveying Seven Lakes State Park and started on Stoney Creek Metropark.

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Over 500 app downloads

In the 6.5 weeks since our grand opening, there have been more than 500 unique downloads.  500 opportunities to go explore in the seven parks we’ve published so far.  So what’s coming up soon?

  • Indian Springs Metropark
  • Lower Huron Metropark
  • Willow Metropark
  • Oakwood Metropark
  • Seven Lakes State Park
  • The Waterfall Locator (about 350 waterfalls and counting so far)


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