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Destination: Lighthouse

Started working on Destination: Lighthouse today, one of two Destination apps currently in progress.  Initially, I hope this will include every lighthouse in the US and Canada.

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Lake Erie Metropark

We’ve just published the 12th free app!  Lake Erie Metropark, at the mouth of both the Detroit and Huron Rivers, right on Lake Erie, now joins 13 other parks with Exploration Guides apps.  This weekend’s supposed to a little cooler here, so grab plenty of water, then go exploring!

Download the Lake Erie Metropark app, and all the others, direct from Android Market.  http://www.explorationguides.com/info/apps/

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Stony Creek Metropark App now available!

The Stony Creek Metropark, in the new v1.1 app engine, is now available, free, from Android Market!

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We’ve now had more than 1500 downloads of our local park apps, and there’s more apps to come.  Right now, we’re getting close to releasing Stony Creek Metropark, done surveying Lake Erie Metropark’s trails, and nearly done surveying Kensington Metropark.  That’s a lot of metroparks (actually, we’re hoping to finish all the Huron Clinton Metroparks this summer).  State parks, and other interesting destinations are yet to come.

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Stony Creek Update

Stony Creek Metropark has a measured 70km of trails, after fully cleaning up the trails.  Getting close v1.1.0 engine, too, so they’ll probably come out together.

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v1.1.0 coming soon

Working on v1.1.0 engine for map apps.  Improved readability and some improved functionality, plus laying the groundwork (yes, already) for v1.2.0, which will offer significant, new features.

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