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Destination: Lighthouse – North America update


With all these lighthouses, I hope nobody still bumps into the state!

As you can see, making good progress on the Destination: Lighthouse app.  2,330 lights in the US and Canada.  These are just the major lights for Michigan.




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773 US lights

After a week of working through the US Light List (about 3000 pages of incredibly exciting reading), we have found 773 lighthouses, and other major lights and navigation features, for our upcoming lighthouse app.  Time to move north into Canada.

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Lighthouse app

There are 169 lighthouses and other significant lights in the Great Lakes region (combined US and Canadian).  5 US regions remain.

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All apps upgraded to v1.2

All twelve free apps, for Michigan state parks and metroparks, have been upgraded to version 1.2.  Better user interface, search capabilities, easier to read screen, and more.

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First 4 apps on v1.2

The Waterloo-Pinckney Trail, Pinckney State Recreation Area, Hudson Mills Metropark, and Indian Springs Metropark are all updated to v1.2, so all have full search capabilities and the improved user interface.  If you updated yesterday or early this morning, there’s another update (don’t worry, Android Market will take care of it for you) for a minor bug fix we added this morning.  The other apps will be updated over the next week or two.  Kensington Metropark should be released this month, too.

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App upgrades

With the new, cooler weather, the mosquitoes are less active, and it’s more comfortable hiking.  Time to go outside?

We have started upgrading all apps to v1.2.  Along with the better, easier to read user interface from v1.1, v1.2 also includes a new search function, to make it easier to find your favorite point of interest.  Indian Springs Metropark has been upgraded on Android Market already, and the rest will be upgraded soon.


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