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Nope, not hibernating. Making new apps!

It’s been an odd winter in Michigan.  One day we’re hiking in tshirts and no jackets.  Next day, we lose the trail in snow.  The weird weather hasn’t stopped us from working, though (even if we haven’t posted anything here to tell you about it… sorry about that).  There’s three new apps out recently:

Destination: Waterfall-North America  This is our second Destination app.  With more than 5,000 waterfalls scattered around the US and Canada, Destination: Waterfall – North America gives you a great way to find new hiking destinations.  For those of you not looking to go hiking, many are accessible by car, as well.  Concerned about the fact it’s winter.  Waterfalls form incredible ice castles in the winter — well worth the trip!

Kensington Metropark: One of the two really big metroparks in the Huron Clinton Metropark system, Kensington surrounds Kent Lake in Oakland County, sitting between Proud Lake State Recreation Area and Island Lake State Park.  With 77 km of trails for just about any use you could want, a nature center, farm center, boat rental, beaches, golf course, disc golf course, and much more, there’s definitely something here for anyone.

Time to Move: This one has absolutely nothing at all to do without going outside or exploring anything.  It was written for our programming team, to remind them to look away from the computer regularly (which can reduce eye strain) and to get up and move around (which reduces back pain and more).  We’re sharing this app with everyone who sometimes spends too much time in front of a computer or watching tv, instead of exploring.

Also, all of our apps are now updated to be Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) compatible, with a new, improved user interface.

Now it’s time to go exploring!

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