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New Parks, New Apps…

Just hiked 12.1 miles to finished off surveying all the trails at Brighton State Recreation Area.  Ran into a LOT of horses in the eastern part of the equestrian area.  Odd, since I didn’t run into a single one in two days in the western part.  Should be publishing this app, probably, sometime late next month.

In other exciting news, the Highland State Recreation Area app is getting closer to being ready.  All the data is processed and we’re just putting together the suggested trail routes and the web pages that sit behind the app, then we can publish.  Probably in a week or two.

In even more exciting news, we’ve started our second major family of apps.  Ever wondered what kind of tree you’re looking at?  What kind of rock you just stubbed your toe on?  If that fire-breathing dragon chasing you down the trail is really dangerous or just wants to play?  Our new apps will answer all those questions and more (well, except maybe the one about the fire-breathing dragon).

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DNR Survey and Another Park

The Michigan DNR is currently conducting a survey of everyone interested in the state parks, recreation areas, and forests.  If you live in, or regularly visit, Michigan, please take ten minutes to complete this anonymous survey.


In other news, we’re finally working on putting together the Highland Recreation Area app.  For most parks, we take a long time to get the data, then put together the app relatively quickly.  We’ve actually had the data for this park for much longer.  Before Exploration Guides even existed, in fact.  The problem is there’s so much data we have to filter it to get rid of the stuff that either you probably don’t care about, or locations of sites that are so fragile or sensitive that’s not safe to share.

There’s so much data for Highland because, mixed into, and largely hidden within the park, you find the ruins of Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill Estate.  What we’re planning now is a park app much like our other apps, then, later, a separate app focusing on the ruins of Haven Hill.  No final decision yet, but this may become our first app with embedded video.

Finally, IT’S SPRING!  Yes, it’s finally warmed up out there in Michigan.  It’s pretty wet, but temperatures have been into the 60’s as often as not, and the sun does come out occasionally.  You may find a muddy trail now and then, but don’t let that stop you.  Go out exploring!


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