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There’s always a surprise around the corner.

Yesterday, I thought we were done mapping Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area.  We turned down the last trail segment, which I were pretty sure I knew exactly where it went, and I was right, too, except for the small trail that forked off it.  Then the small trail that forked off that one.  Then the big trail that ran into, with the small trails off that, then we stopped, having hiked 17 miles in that part Friday and Saturday.

Of course, none of this trail is on any maps, anywhere, but there’s some nice, hilly terrain and wetlands in it, as well as an old gravel pit, an who knows what else is still hidden down the trails we haven’t hiked yet.

Never be afraid to turn down an unknown trail.  You never know what you might find.

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A weekend of rocks and waterfalls

Took a weekend away from Michigan and headed into the deep south with some friends.  How far south?  Well into southern Ohio, all the way to Hocking Hills State Park!  Hiked about 10 or 12 miles total though rocky canyons and ravines in run, rain, and sleet.  Funny thing was, other than a little grumbling, since everyone was more or less prepared, no one really even minded the rain and sleet all that much.

Back in Michigan now.  Next hiking is probably at Pontiac Lake State Park, finishing up the survey there.  A friend and I hiked there last week, west of Tegerdine Road.  He was looking for mushrooms, which we didn’t find, but we did find a really cool little stream which we followed for a while until it ended in a pond by some interesting ruins.  It’s amazing what you can find if you just keep your eyes open.

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