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Destination: Lighthouse – North America

The US and Canada are surrounded with water.   With the Atlantic on the east, the Pacific on the west, and the Great Lakes in the middle, and rocks, reefs, and shoals everywhere, ships need a lot of help to get around without running aground (or worse).  If you’re a mariner, there’s thousands of pages of light lists from the US and Canadian Coast Guards, covering tens of thousands of lights, large and small, throughout the region.  If you’re a lighthouse enthusiast, though, you only care about the big ones.  That’s where Destination: Lighthouse – North America comes in.  We’ve combed through the thousands of pages of light lists and selected just the biggest, best, and most important 2,330 lights, racons, and sound signals, then loaded them into our Exploration Guides app engine.  This provides the easiest possible interface to your let you find, drive to, and explore every major lighthouse in North America.

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  1. […] Destination: Lighthouse – North America is now upgraded to be Android v4 compatible.  Along with a few minor bug fixes, there’s a new, clearer user interface and support for some of the newer devices which don’t have physical buttons.  Get it now at Android Market. […]

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