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Destination: Lighthouse – North America – Alabama

Destination: Lighthouse – North America includes over 2,300 of the largest, most important lights, sound signals, and RACONs in US and Canadian waters. It’s the perfect companion for your lighthouse tour. Our mobile app maps the location of each light, then provides real-time navigation to get you there.

Num Name Action Color Speed Height (m) Range (km)
Structure Remarks Search Pictures
1802 CHEVRON- 116-2 (RACON)
On Chevron Platform Blind Faith BAND: S, X SIGN: CHEVRON-MC-650 BLIND FAITH. RACON:B (– •••). Private aid. search pics
On Coastalplatform A. BAND: S, X Sign: COASTAL-MO-959-A. RACON: Q (– – • –).Private aid. search pics
1620 Mobile Point Light Flashing White 10s 38 23
On skeleton tower.125 search pics
On Texacoplatform. BAND: S,X. SIGN: Texaco-VK-786A-A. RACON: C (– • – •). Private aid. search pics
1841 UNION- MO-916-2 RACON
On freestanding caisson. BAND: S, X SIGN: UNION-MO-916-2. RACON: C (– • – •). Private aid. search pics

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