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Destination: Lighthouse – North America – Minnesota

Destination: Lighthouse – North America includes over 2,300 of the largest, most important lights, sound signals, and RACONs in US and Canadian waters. It’s the perfect companion for your lighthouse tour. Our mobile app maps the location of each light, then provides real-time navigation to get you there.

Num Name Action Color Speed Height (m) Range (km)
Structure Remarks Search Pictures
2061 Duluth Harbor North Pier Light Isophase (alternating) Red 6s 13 26
White cylindrical tower with blacktop and base.43 search pics
2062 Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Inner Light Flashing White 5s 21 29
Black cylindrical tower with whitelantern room.68 Light obscured from 270°through 325°. search pics
2063 Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer Light Fixed Green 13 27
White tower on fogsignal building.44 HORN: 2 bl ev 60s (3s bl-3s si-3s bl-51s si).Operates from Apr. 1 to Dec 1.Standby light of reduced intensity search pics
2064 Grand Marais Light Flashing White 2.5s 15 26
White square pyramidal skeleton tower with upper part enclosed. 48 Light Obscured from 170° to190°.HORN: 2 blast ev 30s (2s bl-2ssi-2s bl-24s si). Operates fromMay 1 to Oct. 20. search pics
2065 Two Harbors East Breakwater Light Flashing Red 6s 10 16
Square pyramidal skeleton tower with upper part enclosed. 32 Standby light shows Fl R 5s of reduced intensity.HORN: 2 blasts ev 30s (2s bl-2ssi-2s bl-24s si). Operates bykeying microphone five times onVHF-FM Ch. 79 search pics
2066 Two Harbors Light Flashing White (2) 20s / 0.15s fl 4.8sec. / 0.15s fl 14.8sec. 24
Square tower on dwelling. 78 Light obscured from 065 to 210. Private aid. search pics

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