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Destination: Waterfall – North America – Wyoming

Home to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, and more, Wyoming has no shortage of waterfalls.

As an interesting note, no one knows exactly how many waterfalls there are in Yellowstone, and all have not been photographed.  Many are so remote, it’s likely no one’s ever been to visit.

Destination: Waterfall – North America includes over 5,000 waterfalls spread throughout the United States and Canada. Big and small, easily accessible and remote, each waterfalls is unique, and each is worth a visit. It’s the perfect companion for any trip, allowing you to quickly find, navigate to, and visit thousands of waterfalls. Our mobile appmaps the location of each waterfall, then provides real-time navigation to get you there.

Data collected here is compiled from various sources, including web sites, books, and other sources. Most have not been personally visited by Exploration Guides staff, some are seasonal, and some are located on private property. Always respect private property rights, but don’t be afraid to ask permission to visit a waterfall on private property. Many landowners will grant it, or maybe even take you to see the waterfall themselves.

Link key:
EGExploration Guides – The best web site in the world (but we may be biased).
WWDWorld Waterfall Database – A massive collection of waterfall data with the goal to document the location of every, single waterfall on the planet.
NNYNorthern New York Waterfalls – Great descriptions and pictures of waterfalls throughout northern New York.
GWGo Waterfalling – A great waterfall resources for waterfalls throughout the Great Lakes region.
GoogleGoogle search for the specific waterfall name and state/province.
ImageGoogle image search for the specific waterfall name and state/province.

Num Name Height
5338 Lewis Falls 9 GW Google Image
5339 Broken Falls 91 WWD Google Image
5340 Hidden Falls 46 GW Google Image
5341 Moose Falls 9 GW Google Image
5342 Rapunzel Falls 152 WWD Google Image
5343 Kepler Cascades 46 GW Google Image
5344 Mystic Falls 21 GW Google Image
5345 Shell Falls 37 GW Google Image
5346 Firehole Falls 12 GW Google Image
5347 Gibbon Falls 26 GW Google Image
5348 Yellowstone Falls (Upper) 33 GW Google Image
5349 Lower Yellowstone Falls 94 WWD Google Image
5350 Crystal Falls 39 GW Google Image
5351 Yellowstone Falls (Lower) 94 GW Google Image
5352 Silver Cord Cascade 366 WWD Google Image
5353 Moss Creek Cascades 61 WWD Google Image
5354 Tower Falls 40 GW Google Image
5355 Bucking Mule Falls 55 WWD Google Image
5356 Zephyr Falls 122 WWD Google Image
5357 Rustic Falls 14 GW Google Image
5358 Undine Falls 18 GW Google Image

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