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EGMaps – Create a Secure Key to Publish Your App

Security is important to all computer programs.  For your app, you can ensure that others don’t try to pass off fake updates to your users or, worse yet, to an app store like Google Play, by using security keys.

The best security keys actually come with two keys, kind of like a safe deposit box at the bank.  These keys, which consist of a public key and a private key, must both be used in order to verify your identity.  Like the Android SDK, for Android apps, you can generate your own keys free.  Google provides instructions for building both your debug and production keys at http://developer.android.com/tools/publishing/app-signing.html#setup .  You’ll need both.

A word of warning here.  Make sure you keep track of your keys and passwords, and back them up somewhere far from your home computer.  If you lose your keys, you can’t recover them.

After you’ve generated your keys, you’re ready to build your Google Play account.

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