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EGMaps – Insert Your Custom Graphics and Icons

There are three types of graphic files you need to use for your app.

  1. icon.png – This file, which must be called icon.png, is a small graphic file used as the icon in your app.  This is a small, square file, around 72 pixels x 72 pixels.  If you can, you probably want a transparent background (aka alpha channel), but this isn’t required.
  2. logo.png – This file, which must be called logo.png, is the graphic used on the opening splash screen of your app.  Keep it to around 190 pixels x 190 pixels or so to be sure if fits your user’s screen.
  3. Your custom map icons – Lots of files here, potentially.  Your custom map icons must be png files, either solid rectangles or with a transparent background (the transparent background looks better).  The size should be about 50 pixels x 50 pixels.  The file names must be all lower case letters, with a .png extension.

Once you have collected and scaled your graphic files, copy all the files to your app.  The path is inside your Eclipse workspace under your app name/res/drawable.  Feel free to delete the sample files there, if you want.

Once you’ve copied your files, go back to Eclipse and right-click on drawable, then click on Refresh.

Now you’re ready to configure your Android for testing.

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