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Help: The Main Menu

Tapping the Menu button will bring up the main menu. This menu gives you access to everything that didn’t fit on the map screen.

Suggested Trails: This opens up the Suggested Trails submenu. This menu is pretty self-explanatory. You can choose to get more info in suggested trails, including distances, trail surfaces, rules, etc. It also lets you select a new trail (and highlight it on your map!) or clear a previously suggested trail.

Park Weather: Get the current weather or 10-day forecast for the park.

Main Park Page: Go to our main page for this park. There, you’ll find more information about the park, as well as links to the official park page.

Help: Brings up these help screens (bet you already knew that).

Feedback: Lets you give feedback on either the program or the park, and view the feedback of others. You should check this out from time to time. You may find something new.

Pay for this program: We are experimenting with this app as a “Pay what you want” app. If you can’t afford anything, or look at it and decide not to use it again, don’t pay anything. If you love it and want to see more parks mapped and built into apps, you can pay any amount you want. Tap the menu option for more information, and a link to securely pay via PayPal.

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