Exploration Guides

We're all explorers. You just need the right guide.


There’s a near-infinite amount of knowledge which can be shared when it comes to nature and our interactions with it.  We will be gradually adding to this section, both as Trail-Finder.com is migrated here, and as new features, skills, and information are added.  Until then, you may also find a great deal of general information available at http://www.Trail-Finder.com.

Knowledge articles will be added in:

  • Features: This includes geological, botanical, hydrological, and other features.
  • Skills: What you can do, how to do those things, and how to have more fun, safer, in your explorations.
  • Gear: From compass to GPS, hiking boots, to tents, your explorations can be as gear-intensive as you want them to be.  This area will focus more on what to look for and general usage, rather than reviews of a specific piece of gear (usually).

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