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Park Lyndon

A relatively small county park located just north of Chelsea, MI, and mostly enclosed within Pinckney State Recreation Area, Park Lyndon preserves a unique collection of geological features and associated plant life in a relatively small area.

Much of Park Lyndon is quite hilly, but don’t let that scare you away, as none of the hills are that high.  The park is divided by North Territorial Road, and built along the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail.  There’s not a lot of trails actually within the park, so it’s best just to wander and explore.  There’s a few places you won’t want to miss, however.

  1. In the northeast end of the park, the trail descends into wetlands.
  2. To the north, the trail leaves the park and enter Pinckney State Recreation Area via the Waterloo Pinckney Trail.  The trail crosses streams and wetlands via mostly flat, clearly marked, unbranching trails.  Add some length to your hike long this section, which gets a bit hillier as you go.  You can download the trail app for the Pinckney State Recreation Area.
  3. South of North Territorial Road, the park is hilly and dry.  In the southwest corner of the park is Lake Genevieve.  Don’t miss the views from the hilltops along the east side of the lake
  4. Leaving the south end of the park, you can continue on the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail into Pinckney State Recreation Area.  You will soon cross M-52 into Waterloo State Recreation Area, and some of the hilliest trails in this part of the state.

Visit the official park page.

This page is just a small part of the Park Lyndon App.


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