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Hudson Mills Ruins

On the west side of the Hudson Mills Rapids lies the only ruins in the park.

There have actually been many mills on this part of the Huron River, beginning with a sawmill built by Cornelius Osterhaut in 1827.  In 1846, a gristmill was added, followed by a cider mill, plaster mill, and pulp mill.

We normally think of mills as needing a large water drop, often 5-10 meters or more, with the water flowing over the top of a single, huge wheel, sometimes called and overshot wheel.  While efficient, and capable of providing huge amounts of power, much of the world simply doesn’t have those large drops, so many mills used undershot wheels, with a large wheel suspended above rapidly moving water.  Smaller mills could also work using a much smaller side wheel.

It’s only a short walk across the bridge and down the hill to visit the ruins.  You also get another view of the Hudson Mills Rapids.  While you’re in the park, you should definitely take a few minutes to visit.

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