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Indian Springs Metropark Trails

Indian Springs Metropark houses 22.5km of assorted trails, leading through woods and wetlands.  Following the trails out of the south end of the park you pass through a short tunnel into Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area, giving access to those trails, as well.

Warning: Rattlesnakes are present, and somewhat common, in the park. Although sightings are rare, it’s best to stay on the trails.  If you see a rattlesnake, just keep a safe distance and try to take a picture of this rare animal before it slithers away from you.

Suggested Trails:

Paved Trails:

  • An 8-mile, mostly out and back trail, begins at the top of the hill, near the back of the park, just across from the Environmental Discovery Center. You start off by going down the only significant hill in the park alongside the road, with restored praire on your right, before turning into the mixed woods and wetlands for the first three miles.  After three miles, you face a fork in the trail.  It makes no difference which direction you turn, as it’s a two-mile loop.  Return directly to the parking lot for an 8-mile trip, or do the loop a second time before turning to bring it up to a nice, round, 10-miles.

Hiking Trails:

Following the park road all the way to the end, you find a parking lot near the park office.  This is the main trailhead for most of the hiking trails.

  • Crosscut Trail: 1.4km Turning right after you pass the park office building puts you on the Woodland Trail.  There are several options for this trail, depending on how far you want to walk.  The Crosscut Trail is the shortest route, crossing the Huron River where it’s nearly small enough to hop over, and through the sugar bush, before returning on the first trail to the parking lot.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Hunter’s Ridge Trail: 2km.  Passing the first intersection, you continue through woods and wetlands until you reach the second cut-over trail, turning left there, and at the next intersection to return to the parking area.  Along the way, you’ll pass by the remains of an old, wooden farm wagon, it’s iron-sheathed, wooden wheels slowly vanishing into the woods.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Sawmill Trail: 3.3km. Passing by the Hunter’s Ridge Trail, you continue through more woods and wetlands until you reach the Sawmill Shortcut, marked by a large saw blade assembly, abandoned here by one of the clearcutting operations which once operated in the park.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Woodland Trail: 5.1km. Continuing past the Sawmill Shortcut (after taking a quick stop to check out the saw, of course), you continue along the Woodland Trail, crossing the largest wetland areas on the trail network.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Timberland Lake Trail: 5.5km. Off the far end of the Woodland Trail loop, the Timberland Lake Trail is a short boardwalk leading across a small fen (complete with carnivorous pitcher plants!) before reaching a deck overlooking Timberland Lake.  Looking across the lake, you may be lucky enough to spot some of the large birds found here, including great blue herons, egrets, and sandhill cranes.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Pond Trail: 0.6km. The only paved nature trail in the park, the Pond Trail leads from the same parking lot as the Woodland Trail.  Off the end of the parking lot, follow the paved trail as it winds around the small pond, being sure to keep an eye out for elusive river otters.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.
  • Farm Trail: 3km. Off the back end of the same parking lot, the often missed Farm Trail loop winds through wooded former farmlands.  As is often the case with former farmland, there is much old farm equipment left here, so take your time exploring this trail and it’s artifacts.  No bikes or pets are allowed on this trail.

Equestrian Trail:

  • Equestrian Loop: 4.5km. This trail, also open to hikers, is a bit odd.  Passing through the southern part of the park, this trail, the only trail which allows horses, has no accessible parking area for horses, requiring them to enter either from the main road outside the park, or from adjacent Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area.  Hikers can park at the small lot just east of the Huron River, then follow the road to the tunnel and drop into the park there.  No bikes are allowed on this trail.

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