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Kensington Metropark Beaches

Kensington Metropark has three swimming opportunities.  Both beaches at Kensington are located on Kent Lake, a man-made lake created by a dam on the Huron River, just south of the park, in Island Lake State Park.

The main beach is Martindale Beach located on the southeast side of Kent Lake, just inside the Kent Lake Road entrance.  This is the largest beach, and is always open (within reason).  There’s plenty of parking, plenty of sand, and lifeguards, in season.

The second beach, which is only open occasionally, and when Martindale Beach is packed, is Maple Beach.  Located almost directly across Kent Lake from Martindale Beach, Maple Beach is smaller than Martindale Beach, and more grass than sand, but also quieter, when it’s open.

The third opportunity to cool off in summer heat is at Splash ‘n’ Blast, Kensington’s waterpark.

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