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Kensington Metropark History

Kensington Metropark is full of history, although sometimes you might have to look around a bit to see it.

Certainly the most visible history at Kensington is the Farm Center, on the north side of Kent Lake.  At more than 150 years old, the barn, and (newer) adjacent buildings give you the opportunity to see how crops and livestock are raised, as well as some of the antique equipment which has been used for decades, or longer, to harvest those crops.

Behind the Nature Center, you can find a few of the remains of the village of Kensington.  With ruins of at least two houses, plus various other equipment, fences, and more spread throughout the area, you never know what you’ll find if you just keep your eyes open.

And no matter where you go in the park, on the trails or off, you’ll find sections of fencing still in place, and other artifacts, left when the park changed from residential and farmland to the park we enjoy today.

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