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Stony Creek Metropark Ruins

Like most of the parks in the Huron Clinton Metropark chain, Stony Creek Metropark is located on land that once was something else.  In the case of Stony Creek, there were many things located here, and lots of signs remain.

  • At the far north end of the park, outside the main park area, is the Inwood Trails area.  This part of the park, until recently, was an active gravel pit.  The terrain of the this area of the park still shows signs of this history, in pits (now ponds), roads (now trails), and the ground itself (hard gravel).
  • The main mountain bike area is located on the former Sheldon Estate.  The most visible ruins of this estate are near the golf course, where the fenced tennis court and main stairs are still prominently visible.  The nearby stone altar wasn’t actually a part of the Sheldon Estate, but was brought in for a wedding, but was too heavy to remove, so was abandoned in place, where it’s since been used by countless others.  Also, in this area, you’ll find roads (now trails) and the remains of lots of high, barbed-wire-topped fencing.
  • Everywhere in the park you find old roads, fencing, and the occasional bit of foundation from the park’s history as both farmland and residential areas.

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