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Dauner/Martin Sanctuary

The Dauner/Martin Sanctuary, located on the north side of Fenton, Michigan, between Flint and Brighton, is a part of the Michigan Nature Association network of nature preserves.  A private nature preserve of 155 acres, the sanctuary offers 6.5 km of trails through forest and wetlands.  Although the preserve only occupies a small area, and only has a limited amount of trails, the trails are laid out so artfully that it seems like there’s a lot more.


The trails are marked with several incarnations of markings, which can make it a little complicated to follow, sometimes.  The newest trail markings are in the form of brightly-colored, diamond-shaped, plastic blazes nailed to posts and trees at intersections.  Connecting trails are marked with two, separate blazes, one of each color, as are shared trail segments.

  • Blue Trail: This trail goes from the Dauner Road entrance, 2.7 km around the east and north side of the park, and ending at the Leroy Road entrance.
  • Yellow Trail: A 1.9 km loop of trail from the Leroy Road entrance.
  • Green Trail: A 1.5 km loop starting near the south, Dauner Road entrance.
  • Purple Trails: The purple trail is actually two, separate trail segments totaling just under 1 km.
  • Outer Loop Trail: Totaling just under 4 km, this route combines the entire Blue Trail wiht a return along parts of the Yellow and Green Trails.

Some of the trails flood pretty quick in the rain, so you should avoid wearing your best, dress hiking boots.

Visit the official Dauner/Martin Sanctuary page.

This page is just a small part of the Dauner/Martin app.

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