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Waterloo State Recreation Area – Sackrider Hill

Sackrider Hill is one of the highest peaks in Waterloo State Recreation Area.  Located about 8km (5 miles) from the western terminus of the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail, Sackrider Hill is a long climb to the summit from the parking lot off Mount Hope Road.  Once at the top, there’s an observation deck, and a large cross before dropping down the other side of the long descent as you continue on the trail.

There has been a permanent cross atop this hill since at least 1950, but there is a local legend which far predates this.  Local churches have a permit to place this cross on public land, which has withstood at least one court ruling as of 2011.  It’s continued presence is, of course, subject to further separation of church and state court rulings.

Local legend has it that Sackrider Hill was the location of a last stand by the first European immigrants to this area in their fight against local Native Americans.  Badly outnumbered, they were eventually all slaughtered, with their blood running down the steep side of the hill, which has grown no trees ever since.  While it’s a good story, it has not been verified, but that doesn’t stop people from telling it.

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