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Hudson Mills Canoeing

Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities on the Huron River.  Many people will launch at Hudson Mills Metropark and travel downriver to Delhi Rapids, or even all the way to Ann Arbor.  For those looking for a longer trip, it’s possible to easily travel all the way from Proud Lake State Park downriver to Lake Erie, staying in canoe camps along the way.

You can also rent canoes and kayaks at Skips Canoe Livery.  Rent at Delhi Metropark and Skips will drive you and your boat up to Hudson Mills Metropark.  Contact Skips at (734) 769-8686.

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Hudson Mills Canoe Camp

At the north end of Hudson Mills Metropark is the canoe camp.  This is one of many canoe camps located along the Huron River, allowing canoers and kayakers to travel the length of the Huron River, spending the night along the way at minimal costs.

Although rarely used, permits are required in order to use the canoe camps in both the Michigan State Parks and the Huron Clinton Metroparks.  See the fees page for more info on current costs.

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Hudson Mills Rapids

Despite running over 200km, the Huron River has retained only two sets of rapids.  Hudson Mills Metropark possesses the first set (the other is located in Delhi Metropark).

The Huron River isn’t a very rugged river, and the rapids aren’t very rugged, either.  Depending on the water level, the rapids can sometimes be drifted over without noticing them, can be challenging in a canoe, or can be impassible due to low water.  There’s a good canoe portage on the west side of the river, by the Hudson Mills Ruins.

There’s plenty of places to view Hudson Mills Rapids, from the northern picnic area in the main park all the way around the rapids, over the bridge, then back down by the river and the Hudson Mills Ruins.

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Huron River

The Huron River in southeast Michigan find its headwaters in Indian Springs Metropark near White Lake, Michigan.  From there, it gradually meanders south, first veering west, before gradually turning east and ending, 219km (136 miles) downriver in the west end of Lake Erie.  Along the way, it travels through countless parks, large and small, as well as through many lakes, large and small.

The Huron River is one of the most popular canoeing and kayaking rivers in southeast Michigan.  A very relaxed, slow-moving river for most of its length, there are only two, small sets of rapids remaining, one in Hudson Mills Metropark and another in Delhi Metropark.

Most canoeing and kayaking along the Huron is done from Proud Lake State Recreation Area downriver, as above this point is either too shallow or difficult/impossible to portage.  From Proud Lake downriver, it is mostly wilderness or parks all the way to Huron Meadows Metropark.  From there, you’ll pass through heavily built up lakes until you portage around the lock/dam just above Hudson Mills Metropark.  From here, through Ann Arbor, it’s mostly parks again, all the way down to Ypsilanti.  A brief built-up area again in Ypsilanti, and through Ford and Belleville Lakes, and you’re back into the Huron Clinton Metroparks again nearly all the way to Lake Erie.

This river is suitable for everyone, with every level of paddling skill, even if that level is none at all.  It’s mostly shallow enough to stand up, and, except for the lakes, rarely has any motorized traffic.  With deer, great blue heron, river otters, and much, much more, there’s plenty to see.  The Huron River is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, or, utilizing the many canoe camps situated along the river, you can even make it a several-day trip from one end to the other.

Look for a Huron River app, with not only a map, but all the best launch points, lunch points, scenic and historic locations, and more, coming in 2011.

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Delhi Metropark

Delhi Metropark, a part of the Huron Clinton Metropark Chain, is located about half-way between Dexter, MI and Ann Arbor, MI on Huron River Drive.  Delhi is a small park, with picnic areas, but is located at Delhi Rapids, one of only two sets of remaining rapids on the Huron River.

Although Delhi rapids are not large, they can, in some water conditions, reach class III, even if only for a very short distance.  At times of very high water in the spring, they almost vanish, and by late summer, low water levels often make the rapids all but impassible.

Delhi is also a popular place to launch or take out canoes and kayaks along the Huron River.  You can also rent canoes and kayaks at Skips Canoe Livery.  Contact Skips at (734) 769-8686.

A Metropark permit is required for vehicle entry to the park.

Annual $25
Seniors (62+) $15
Daily $5

Visit the official Delhi Metropark page.

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Huron Clinton Metroparks

With 13 parks located in Southeast Michigan, forming a crescent around the entire metro-Detroit area, the Huron Clinton Metroparks are one of our area’s treasures.  Stretching the length of the Huron River and Clinton River, they offer wilderness hiking, canoeing and kayaking, beaches, golf, disc golf, equestrian trails, nature centers, picnic areas, paved trails for bikes, hikers, and in-line skaters, cross country skiing, and more.  Anyone living within southeast Michigan is within an hour of one or more of these parks.

See individual park pages for information specific to the park:

Visit the official Huron-Clinton Metroparks page.

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