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Rediscovering Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill is Now Streaming on Amazon!

Our first feature-length film, “Rediscovering Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill,” is now available to stream live on Amazon.com.  It’s currently free for Amazon Prime members, or $2.99 to rent or $9.99 to buy.

Stream on Amazon now


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Rediscovering Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill

Bet you thought we’d crawled into a cave somewhere and gone into hibernation, it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything.  Nope.  Not even close.  We’ve just been working so hard on our latest project that we haven’t had much of a chance to post on here.  Now it’s finally time to show it off!

Rediscovering Edsel Ford's Haven Hill DVD Cover

In 1923, Edsel Ford began buying up land an hour northwest of Detroit in what would become his Haven Hill Estate. In the end, he’d own nearly four square miles of forest, farmland, lakes, and wetlands.

In 1946, a few years after his his death, his wife Eleanor sold the estate to the State of Michigan.

The major buildings remained in use, for a time. Eventually, even the remaining builders were abandoned to time and the elements. Between, fire, neglect, decay, and the passing decades, most of the estate was lost and forgotten.

In 2009, explorations began with a few friends and, in 2014, Exploration Guides, led by Darrin Fowler, committed to rediscovering and sharing the Haven Hill Estate with the world.

Granted exclusive access to every building and underground space on the estate, and having scoured the grounds looking for any trace of the past, they’ve discovered not only a lot about Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill, but a lot about what happened before and since, too.

Join Darrin and his team as they Rediscover Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill.


We have DVD’s on-hand today, but we’re still not quite set up to sell them on-line.  Check back soon for that, and also some sneak peeks.

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Myths & Legends at Haven Hill

A team of researchers from Exploration Guides today found proof that a widely held belief about Haven Hill is, in fact, wrong, and that two local legends, while they do each  contain a grain of truth, don’t contain much more than that.

As “Rediscovering Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill” nears completion of filming, all the pieces are coming together for what is sure to be the most in-depth work on Edsel’s lost estate.

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Saw this little guy (ok, big for a crayfish) trying to climb the Haven Hill Dam a couple weeks ago. He was almost up to the vertical part of the spillway when he lost his grip and fell back to the bottom, where we lost track of him. There’s still a bit of warm weather left to get outdoors and explore, and, of course, fall colors, so get outside and enjoy before everything’s covered in ice and snow (then go out and explore that, too, of course).


In other news, serious video work beginning soon on our first full-length video documentary. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

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More Video?

Ever wonder what it takes to do documentary videos far from the trailhead?  This is about the smallest, lightest gear I could come up with that I think will do the job.  Full HD video and 6-channel digital audio, with wireless UHF lav mics.  We have lots of ideas, so once we get more comfortable with the new gear, hopefully you’ll start to see plenty of high-quality video of our explorations.


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Our First Video – A Hike To Seven Lakes Falls

It’s been exactly a month since our last post here.  In that time, we’ve melted almost all the snow and ice, give or take a bit on the north sides of hills.  We’ve also picked up a new GoPro 3 Black and have been playing around with it a bit.  Check out our first video, A Hike To Seven Lakes Falls…


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