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New finds at Haven Hill

I spent a couple years actively exploring Haven Hill with a couple friends. That project fell apart, but now I’m back and working on a video documentary of the site. Amazingly, we’re still finding new stuff! We found a new building foundation a few weeks ago and, after getting a bit more information up at the state archives earlier this week, today we found remains of the ski slopes set up for the Fords (and later added onto).

No release date for the documentary yet, but we are making slow, steady progress.

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Best time for a slippery log crossing

Best time to cross a slippery, unstable log over a bottomless pit of mud? When carrying a ton of expensive, not waterproof, electronics.

Second best time? When carrying those same electronics, but when it’s still light out.

Oh, wait a minute. Did I mean worst, not best? Oh well. Did both today, successfully, while filming for our upcoming documentary.

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Saw this little guy (ok, big for a crayfish) trying to climb the Haven Hill Dam a couple weeks ago. He was almost up to the vertical part of the spillway when he lost his grip and fell back to the bottom, where we lost track of him. There’s still a bit of warm weather left to get outdoors and explore, and, of course, fall colors, so get outside and enjoy before everything’s covered in ice and snow (then go out and explore that, too, of course).


In other news, serious video work beginning soon on our first full-length video documentary. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

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Swimming With Snakes

While hiking beside Haven Hill Lake a month or so ago, we were joined by an unexpected hiking companion.

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More Video?

Ever wonder what it takes to do documentary videos far from the trailhead?  This is about the smallest, lightest gear I could come up with that I think will do the job.  Full HD video and 6-channel digital audio, with wireless UHF lav mics.  We have lots of ideas, so once we get more comfortable with the new gear, hopefully you’ll start to see plenty of high-quality video of our explorations.


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EGMaps API Now Available!

Ever wanted to share your GPS data with friends?  Strangers?  Everyone on the planet?

Wish you had an easy way to get your trail maps to everyone in your hiking club, or maybe everyone who comes to your favorite park?

Need a way to get customers to all your locations using their Android smartphone?

Does your sculpture garden need unobtrusive audio or video guide for visitors?

The EGMaps API is for you!  This free tool is now available to everyone, and it does all that, and more.  Using your GPS data, or even data you generate directly on a program like GoogleEarth, you can produce and distribute your own professional Android app.

Don’t worry!  You don’t need to know anything about programming.  I promise.  Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions and your app will practically build itself.  All the hard work is done by the EGMaps app itself, and we’ve already taken care of that part for you.

Want to learn more?

Ready to download the API and sample data (for our Niagara River Fish Trail app)?

Can’t wait to see how it looks?  Go to Google Play and get our Niagara River Fish Trail app.


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