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Help: Do I need internet access to use the app?

Is Internet access really required for this app? Yes and no. When you first download the app, it doesn’t include any data, so it’s not very useful. When you first run it, it downloads all the current map information for trails and points of interest. Each time you run the app, it checks for new trails and points of interest. You can’t do this without Internet access.

After you get updates, you also need Internet access to get the background maps from Google Maps, to use the Point of Interest library, or to access web pages for weather, the park, feedback, etc.

Without Internet access, after your intial program load, you will still have all the GPS functions, including your location, your car, the trails and points of interest you downloaded (when you did have Internet access). You can also click a point of interest icon to see its name. The camera will still work, too, and it will save the pictures into the gallery, but you won’t be able to send pictures.

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