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Waterloo State Recreation Area – Baldwin Flooding

Baldwin Flooding was created in 1957 by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as a 63-acre man-made wetland.  It served well in this capacity until unusually heavy rains in the spring of 2004 caused a levee to fail, completely draining this wetland.  Unfortunately, as is the case with much of the infrastructure in parks everywhere, budgets simply didn’t allow for either full maintenance or repair after a failure.  With this important wetland now dry, and no public funding to fix it, Ducks Unlimited rose to the occasion, securing private grants to rebuild the dam and levee and was able to bring back the wetland in 2006.  Since then, the wetland has recovered and once again provides a critical waterfowl habitat and migration stop.

Baldwin Flooding is easy to visit, either while hiking the trails of the Waterloo State Recreation Area, or by just driving to the adjacent parking lot.

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