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Exploration Guides believes that privacy is important.  As such, we do not collect, use, or sell your personal information, except as needed to provide the web site and apps to you.  Specifically:

  • Most of our apps contact our web server at start-up.  This is necessary to download initial data when you first run the app, then to check for and download any new data after that.  This is done anonymously.
  • Our location-based apps know, and store, your current and recent locations, as well as the location of the last point of interest you have checked, the location where you marked your car, etc.  These devices are stored only on your device and are not sent back to us.  They also use the Google Maps engine for mapping services.  This is the same Google Maps you use on your device for maps, navigation, etc.  Please check http://www.google.com for additional information on their privacy practices.
  • Our free apps use advertising provided by Google’s AdMob service.  Our web page uses advertising provided by Google’s AdSense service.  These are among the most common mobile and web advertising services and among the most safe.  Ads are checked by Google for content before approval in an attempt to reduce the risk of malware and invasive data gathering.  They do, however, still collect some data for their own use.  Please check http://www.google.com for additional information on their privacy practices.
  • We use WordPress for our web page.  WordPress allows you to register to use the page, but you are not required to register, except to enter comments or to be notified of updates.  If you choose to register, you must register with a valid email address and your real name.  Other information is optional.  Any information you provide will not be sold, but may be visible to other site users, as provided by WordPress.
  • Our servers do store logs.  ALL servers do it.  If you have chosen to register, and are logged in, the WordPress logs store identifiable information.  Other logs store information by IP address.  These logs are used for maintenance and to diagnose problems.  All logs do spool off older records.

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